The Dive Shop - Memphis TN: About Us

About The Dive Shop - Memphis

We are passionate about diving and the underwater world. It's as true today as it was when Doug McNeese, Sr. opened the doors of the first Dive Shop in 1961. Almost everything has changed since that day. Everything, that is, except our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible experience!

We now have four locations, and our customers always feel a sense of belonging to both local and our global community. Your local Dive Shop is a haven, a welcome break from the outside world, and a place where your dreams of travel and adventure can actually come true.

We love the water! We loving being on it, in it and under it. Our facility and our staff are dedicated to helping the residents of our community learn how to safely enjoy the aquatic environment. Lakes, streams, pools, and oceans are our playground.

Professional Swim Educators . . .
Our swim teachers are all experienced Swim Schools International Certified Instructors, with CRP/First Aid/AED and Emergency Oxygen ratings.

Professional Diving Educators . . .
We have been teaching people to dive for over 50 years and have one of the most respected instructional teams in the sport. In addition to qualified and experienced SSI Open Water Instructors and assistants, we have two Instructor Certifiers on staff.

Methodology . . .
In all of our programs, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment, the most current academic materials, and proven motor skill development techniques. Every skill we teach meets two important criteria. It represents a real world situation and it is designed to work under even the most demanding circumstances.

We Are Concerned About Your Success . . . Our primary goal is to make certain that you are comfortable with the skills that you have learned and are confident in your personal ability. Comfort and confidence are essential for you to have a good time in the aquatic environment.

Environmental Responsibility . . .
It is indeed a privilege to visit some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches, lakes and dive sites in the world. We are committed to protecting and preserving these areas for future generations. All of our programs emphasize the need to minimize damage to fragile ecosystems.